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Hey all!

The organization I work for, the Council on African American Affairs, is releasing our documentary/workbook, and I was wondering if you knew any teachers who wanted a copy, or maybe wanted one yourself. It's a pretty solid lesson plan, and comes with a DVD. We've distributed it already at a teacher's conference in MD.

is the older press release. 

African American Think Tank to Launch Documentary on Civic Engagement

Washington, DC – The Council on African American Affairs (CAAA), a Washington DC-based research organization will premiere its documentary, Stand Up! at 6 pm, on Tuesday, October 26 at the Public Welfare Foundation’s Lankford Auditorium, 1200 U Street NW, Washington, DC. A reception will follow at the CAAA office across the street. Stand Up! highlights the political and community involvement of African Americans in the District of Columbia during both the Civil Rights era and the present day. Stand Up! also serves as a call to African Americans to get involved, encouraging them to vote in the upcoming election.

According to CAAA research director, Dr. Amina Alio, “The objective of the Stand Up! project is to increase civic engagement by identifying ways African American youth can participate in their communities to help strengthen them.” Dr. Alio also commented that, through this project and others, CAAA strives to “raise public awareness and advance efforts to bolster African American participation in the electoral process.” The film captures the experiences of African Americans during the Civil Rights movement and its impact on their community involvement; and younger African Americans’ current civic involvement and its impact on their lives.

The documentary, along with a teacher’s guide, will be available to middle and high schools for use in their curricula and in their school libraries. The series may also be used by any youth organizations seeking to raise awareness and increase the level of civic participation of African American youth.

CAAA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research and public policy organization that that identifies and addresses critical issues facing African Americans and their communities. Its mission is to engage Ron Brown Scholars and Alumni, community-based organizations and community members to help develop policy recommendations from a black perspective that will positively impact the quality of life for black Americans.


I'm also including the summary.

To educate young African Americans on the civil rights movement and its legacy; raise awareness about the various ways today’s youth are involved; and increase civic participation among young black Americans and increase their overall involvement, we produced the documentary, STAND UP! An Active Discourse on Civic Engagement. This documentary explores and shares the experiences of the civil rights generation with a new generation of young African-American activists. A companion workbook, STAND UP! Teacher’s Guide: Bringing an Active Discourse on Civic Engagement into the Classroom, was produced to accompany the documentary and become part of the civic, history or social studies curricula at middle and high schools.

To learn how to incorporate the documentary STAND UP! and its companion workbook into the classroom setting, email info@africanamericanaffairs.org.

email me at RIARIAV at YAHOO dot COM if you want me to send along some copies.  Also, please forward this widely. Thanks!
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