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Black Heroes portrayed as White in WTC Movie...

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World Trade Center producer Michael Shamberg said that they knew about Sgt. Thomas's role in the rescue, but were unable to find him when creating the film. He said producers didn't discover Thomas was a Black man until after they had started the movie. He also said that in spite of the fact that the film was co-written by McLoughlin and Jimeno was consulted for authenticity, no one ever asked them for a physical description of the man who helped save their lives.

"Frankly, we goofed--we learned when we were filming that he was an African-American," said Shamberg. “We would change it if we could. I actually called him and apologized, and he said he didn't mind. He was very gracious about it.”

Shamberg also apologized for another African-American officer, Bruce Reynolds, who was also portrayed as white in the movie.

Thomas, meanwhile, didn't learn the film was about his story until he saw the unmistakable image of two marines peering into a whole at Ground Zero during a commercial for the movie. He said that while he wasn't angry about how the film turned out, he does wish it could have been more realistic.

What the hell??? They just assumed these people were white. Where the hell do they get off doing this??

I mean, they say he was "really gracious"...but WTF was he supposed to do? How stupid would it be for him to "freak out"??

I know the WTC movie is about more than this, but wasn't Sept. 11th about all Americans coming together in the face of adversity and realizing that we're more than just people that happen to walk past each other everyday on the train (or at least that's what liberal PCers want us to believe, until you see something like this.) I mean, this just goes in the face of the psuedo feel-good stuff they're trying to feed us in the comercials for this movie.
They can't even put their own PC "We Are The World" message into practice!

But, then again, I just get really upset when I see this. It's just another white man's movie to me...they couldn't even be bothered to even see if the "diversity" they claim was even true.

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source: http://www.slate.com/id/2147350/fr/rss/

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