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(because if we remain quiet, the sterotypes continue)

Black Folks Who Give A Damn
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Welcome to black_politics. This community is for discussion of the role of Black people in American (& world) politics as well as discussion of particular "hot-bed" policies and issues.

That being said, it is expected that the discussions will become very heated at times. So to avoid major problems, please adhere to the following rules:

1) Don't take a dissenting comment personally or look to insult someone personally. Just because there is a difference of opinion, there is no reason to make that person feel stupid or inferior. They (and you) have the full right to disagree.

2) Give the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps someone is just not well read on an issue or has a misunderstanding. Look to inform and educate before criticizing.

3) Choose your words carefully. State your opinion, but don't force it on others. If you are angry, re-read what you typed before sending your post or comments. Give real-life examples to help the reader visualize your viewpoint.

4) Read an entire post before you respond to it. Common courtesy there.

5) Be mindful of insults and tone. This community is un-moderated, but if it gets too 'out of control' that may have to change. Please people, keep it open!

6) Be an example. Whatever view you represent, if you resort to excessive cursing, pointless arguements, uneducated sounding language - that only hurts your cause.